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Welcome to the Neuro-Oncology Division and the Brain Tumor Center at Columbia University!

Brain tumors affect over 30,000 Americans annually, and they have remained one of the most difficult of cancers to treat. Recognizing that there remains an unmet need for advancing the treatment of these diseases, Columbia University in collaboration with New York–Presbyterian Hospital established an integrated Brain Tumor Center in 2005. The goal of the Center is to apply the world-renowned research resources of the Neurological Institute of New York and Columbia University to improving the outcome for patients who have malignant brain tumors. The Brain Tumor Center now sees approximately 300 new patients annually from the United States and abroad. It integrates all aspects of patient care in a multidisciplinary clinical setting that draws upon the expertise of neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, psychiatrists, neuropathologists, nurse practitioners, and social workers who work together to tailor diagnosis and therapy to an individual patient's needs. Combined with our clinical activities are extensive research efforts that range from basic laboratory research to better understand how the most common brain tumors develop and grow to applied laboratory research to develop and test new treatments for the most common types of brain tumors to clinical trials of novel therapies in patients. The Center has pioneered the development of several novel treatments as well as experimental models of brain tumors that are supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health.

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